M66 (now M60) Portwood to Denton (J24 to J27)

The 4 mile Portwood to Denton section of the Manchester Outer Ring Road, was the penultimate length to be constructed.

The firm of Parkman, Consulting Engineers, was appointed by the Department of Transport to undertake the design, and subsequent supervision of the construction.

Public Consultation into the proposals was held in February 1977. The only alternative put forward had been assessed previously, when it had been found that it did not have many of the advantages of the scheme under consideration.

Brinnington interchangeA Public Inquiry was held in July 1982 and modifications, some of which were introduced to overcome objections, were considered at a further Public Inquiry in October 1985. The scheme involved the extension of the M63 from Portwood to Brinnington and the construction of a section of the M66 from Brinnington to Denton. At the time, that part of the Outer Ring Road on the eastern side of the conurbation, was numbered M66, as a southern extension of the Bury Easterly By-pass.

Following a favourable decision, a Contract was awarded in 1986 and work commenced between Brinnington and Denton in September 1986 and, on the other length, in January 1987.

Apart from the completion of the interchange at Portwood and the building of bridges for the Denton Interchange, the Contract required the construction of Brinnington Interchange. This was to connect with, not only the A6017, Ashton Road, but also a by-pass of the A560. In addition it was designed to allow for the future connection of the proposed A6 (M), Stockport North-South By-pass.

Brinnington railway bridgeA total of 16 bridges and two subways was required. The most significant, and spectacular, is the new Brinnington Railway Bridge which was designed, and the construction supervised, by British Rail. It was constructed alongside the track and moved into position during a weekend closure of the line. The Warren-girder steel bridge is the largest single span structure to be built by this method, to carry full British Rail traffic. Close by, a four span bridge was to be provided to carry the Lingard Lane/Brinnington Road over the motorway.

Over 3½ million cubic yards of excavation was carried out in cuttings, of which less than one third was used in the building of embankments, the majority of the remainder being utilised in landscaping treatment.

A section of the River Tame was diverted to a new alignment, and a large three span bridge was constructed to carry the motorway over the River.

In the crossing of the River Goyt Valley, the River was diverted to the south, in order to improve the appearance of the area and simplify construction. The former course of the River was back filled.

The linked subways accommodated a diverted public footpath under the M63 and the A560 By-pass. It provided a main pedestrian route between the recreational areas within the two river valleys.

Major drainage works were required, including the construction of a 6 feet 6 inches diameter culvert discharging into the diverted River Goyt, and tunnelling under Welkin Road. A twin 30 inch diameter inverted syphon carries a watercourse under the M66.

The complex nature of the project involved the construction of a combination of 2½ mile lengths of both dual three-lane and dual two-lane carriageways of the motorway. In addition, 2 miles of all-purpose road and some 4 miles of link road were also required.

The Section of motorway was opened to traffic in April 1989.


Key Dates


M66 Portwood to Denton (J24 to J27)
Statistics and options

Section Construction started Opened to traffic
Brinnington to Denton September 1986 April 1989
Portwood to Brinnington January 1987 April 1989



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Vol. 6 M60 Junction 7, A56 to Junction 24, Denton



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Its Accession Number is 06115, and its Class Reference is D6115.



Junction 7 to Junction 4 Sharston



Map of Area 15, Trunk Road Network, with M60 Junction nos



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Junction 2 to Junction 27. Stockport East-West By-Pass



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Contract Details



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Junction 27 to Junction 24, Denton



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M63 Progress Meeting Minutes Nos 1 to 20