M5 Greencastle to Rush Park

The last substantial motorway contract in the 1970s was for the 1.5 miles long M5 between Greencastle and Rush Park. in Newtownabbey.

It had been intended that the M5 should run from Greencastle to near Carrickfergus but after a public inquiry the outer portion was abandoned and the motorway was terminated at Rush Park where it was joined into a section of the A2 Belfast to Carrickfergus Road, which was made dual carriageway as part of the same contract.

Much of the motorway portion is on embankment over a shallow lagoon with culverts to permit ingress of water at high tide. The contract, which was carried out by JMJ, included about 1.5 mile of motorway and a 0.7 mile length of all purpose dual carriageway. It was opened to traffic on 12 September 1980. The scheme was prepared and supervised by Works Division.