M18 Thurcroft (M1) to M62

The construction of the M18 motorway provided a link between the M1 near Rotherham and the M62 at Rawcliffe near Goole, and closed the motorway box around Doncaster. Importantly, it is linked to the A1(M) at Doncaster and the M180 south of Thorne.

Two sections of motorway, M1 Barlborough (J30) to Thurcroft (J32) and M18 Thurcroft to Wadworth (J35, A1(M)) are at the southern extremity of the North Eastern Region. They have been included together as they formed part of the consultancy commission awarded to Sir Owen Williams and Partners by the Ministry of Transport in 1957 and are described in the M1 pages.

The remaining sections, between Wadworth and Rawcliffe (M62, J35) were designed and constructed by the North Eastern Road Construction Unit.